Busara Promotions: A Friendly Giant

In April 2010 a vacancy for a part time ICT & Website Coordinator came up at Busara Promotions. Busara Promotions always tries to employ Tanzanians where possible and recognizes this as one of the best ways for the organization to be sustainable. We started advertising the ICT job scope on our website www.busaramusic.org. Many applications came in but most were from outside of Tanzania, and even outside the region. We had no applications from Zanzibar.

From the applications that came in, interviews were conducted with a number of strong candidates with the skills, ideas and energy for the job but all were from outside Tanzania. Due to the part time nature of the job, it became clear that we needed to employ someone local to Zanzibar, which meant we had to restart our search, with a more proactive approach. But where to look?

It was then that we remembered Zanzibits, the ICT school in Stone Town. We spoke to Guy Mullens, director of Zanzibits who having viewed the job scope of the ICT and website coordinator position felt confident that at least six Zanzibits graduates would have the potential to handle what we needed. The perfect fit for a recent graduate. Naturally we had reservations that a recently graduated IT student of a one-year course might struggle fitting in to the real life experience of working in an office environment. We had to ask ourselves whether we were prepared to make that investment and be prepared to provide that first step into the working world for them.

Having interviewed two of the Zanzibits graduates, one of them, Hakim Kombo, demonstrated great aptitude to learn and a strong basis in ICT. An example of which was website coding in PHP. This was a very specific requirement that our website maintenance required and many people eloquent in other areas of ICT did not have these coding skills. Hakim excelled.

We offered him a three month “probation” period, working two days a week. In this time, he was paid a daily rate and worked under the guidance of the previous ICT coordinator, a British “expert” who had agreed to provide handover training. They worked together well with Hakim soon taking on more responsibility and finding his feet both in the ICT role and in the Busara Promotions environment of festival preparations.

After the probation period was completed a review was conducted with our Director, where it was agreed that Hakim would be employed on a permanent and full time basis. He has now been part of the team for over four months and his contributions are greatly valued. His confidence grows daily and he is a real pleasure to work with.

“I couldn’t have done it without Zanzibits school and Zanzicode projects and finally Busara Promotions. To now be employed as an ICT and website coordinator of Sauti za Busara I give countless thanks to these three friendly giants.” Hakim Kombo

As outlined in Busara Promotions’ Five Year Plan, developing regional skills is one of our major priorities. Busara Promotions’ vision is “a vibrant East African music industry prominent on the world stage” and while there is no shortage of musical talent in the region there is a vacuum of talent in other crucial roles for this to be realized, such as:

· Events management
· Marketing and graphic design
· Sound Engineering
· Stage lighting and technical skills
· Media and arts journalism
· Artist management

We recognize that in this sector mentoring and practical, on-the-job training is essential for classroom theory to fulfill its purpose.

Busara Promotions wishes Kazi Kichizi success in its endeavors to link creative minds to work opportunities and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Rosie Carter, Projects Manager

8 December 2010

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